When you implement a software solution, how a business task is performed will change.
Inefficient business processes are costly.

Company management and turnaround professionals may be fighting too many fires to get involved in the details of various processes and their negative impact to how the company operates. Further, as business processes are often tied to software functionality, the analysis of why operations are inefficient, and thus costly, will likely require a “dual perspective” analysis, which we have great experience in providing.

Often, company employees know what the right solution is, but are not empowered to take corrective actions or speak up. The ability to get employees involved in the solution process and have them be able to take ownership of a solution is key to the success of any business process change or software implementation. We continually work with our clients’ staff - from distribution center to conference room - to ensure that they are involved as much as possible with the solutions being implemented.

Business operations solutions may involve cutting through departmental red tape, improving inter-departmental (and even intra-departmental) communications, and shifting responsibilities between employees or departments.

In many instances, employees do not understand the impact of their actions - or lack of actions - on other departments. Bringing together departments - especially those linked in the internal supply chain - and opening this level of communication and vision is a great way to improve overall operations efficiencies.