Business software takes care of common business functions such as purchasing, inventory control, sales order processing, shop orders for manufacturing, and accounting - these functions are typically found in software applications known as Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) systems.

Separately, other business software applications include those for fixed assets management and document management.

We can provide an overview of the various business software applications to determine their current state (effective, ineffective, non-functional), where suspected problems lie, and if they can be salvaged for use or should likely be replaced.

Included can be a data stream map - a visual diagram of the various data pathways through a company. This can be an effective tool in analyzing a company's operations, rooting out exceptions to "normal" business processes, and identifying areas of inefficiency.

And be forewarned that what may appear to be a dysfunctional computer system can be deceiving - the problem may not be the computer system itself, but either how the data is setup or simply that the needed reports are not currently available.

Remember: business software represents a repository of information - as long as the data has accuracy & integrity & standards, and the necessary data is available, the needed reports can be generated.