Corrective Actions

After the Business Operations and Business Software have been reviewed, what corrective actions will be required to get the company stabilized to move forward?

Will a new computer system be needed? Can a small, interim business application suffice for the time being until the company's financial situation improves and a more robust system is acquired?

What can be done to cut costs without sacrificing the operations? What inefficiencies are hurting the business, which is likely one of the reasons why a turnaround management professional is needed?

Katzscan can identify and recommend changes to the business operations to streamline workflow and reduce inefficiencies.

When it comes to business application software and the decision to "build or buy", it is our belief that "buy" is the right way to go. We can recommend and implement existing, low-cost / high-functionality software solutions to bring immediate order to chaotic situations and start on the path to better data reporting and business analysis. Katzscan's experience helps bend business requirements to software functionality without breaking either, resulting in short term ROI software projects with immediate positive results.