Understanding the underlying cash flows are essential for any company, and none more so than a firm in distressed circumstances. We can help you work with clients to identify the key areas impacting cash flow – quickly. As part of the process we’ll work with you to assemble a forecast that shows sources and uses of cash in the near term. And we’ll help you identify your client’s worst-case cash needs, and show them when it will happen.

Supporting your efforts to manage relationships with vendors and lenders

Using the information gleaned by analyzing your clients’ liquidity position we can restructure (if necessary) debt and AP obligations to allow your client maximum financial flexibility. Turn Around Management help has extensive experience working with financial institutions to put together debt financing packages where

Risk Management

Financial Risk Management
Turn Around Management Help can be a resource to assist you to determine currency and interest rate risks for your client, and work with you to establish the value of financial derivative instruments (i.e., currency options, forward contracts and interest rate derivatives) where appropriate.