We work for you!

Our mission is to assist you, the turnaround professional, in making the decisions you believe are necessary in regards to the company you've been asked to turnaround.

We can assist in your investigation and analysis of the companies you are evaluating by providing an experienced technology and business professional on your side. We can examine the financial condition of the company, look at the marketing success or failure and make recomendations.

We will enhance the due diligence you are responsible for performing by:

  • Examining the computer systems for data processing integrity and data accuracy.
  • Evaluating the business processes to help root out fraud and unintentional error.
  • Helping to verify the data is unbiased.
  • Helping to ensure that the reporting methods are producing current and reliable output.
  • Helping to implement solutions to reverse a declining situation and begin to bring order to the chaos.
  • Marketing advice
  • Market research
  • Advertising agency services

Our loyalty is to you, the commercial lender or turnaround professional, not to the company you are evaluating.