Any software application implementation will result in some level of changes to business operations. How information flows from one department to another, data setup standards, and new application functionality will all cause users' daily lives to change, hopefully for the better!

Unless the business operations are already the best they can be, to replace business software and retain the same operational methodologies is not only unwise, but not likely possible.

Further, the needs of the business - the desired way to operate - should be considered first, before a software application is purchased and implemented. The ideal goal of business software is to help support the business operations.

Often internal company staff do not feel empowered to recommend changes. And just as likely, they may not have the experience to see beyond only what they know as how the business currently operates. However, to the surprise of many company managers and executives, their staff employees have some great ideas!

We continually work with our clients' staff - from warehouse to conference room - to educate, train, and nurture while also changing and improving how the business operates. Success comes from company employees understanding, accepting, and embracing, the changes to their daily responsibilities because they are asked to actively participate in the process. When employees are allowed to take ownership of the solution it becomes a source of personal pride.