• Can you trust the accuracy of the information you are being given upon which you are to base your analysis and decisions?
  • Can you trust the qualifications and integrity of the people creating the reports you are being given?
  • Are you sure the data is accurate, unbiased, and unmodified?

If your answer to any of the above questions is “no” or if you’re not sure, then you need a business-focused software professional on your side who you can trust to perform a review of the data for accuracy and integrity, and to generate meaningful and useful reports to support the decision-making processes.

Especially in turnaround situations, where the turnaround professional needs to perform the necessary due diligence for the distressed company, having this help provides extra assurances that the right financial decisions are being made.

We have successfully performed data conversions, data migrations, data extractions, and data reporting for clients even after they were told by their internal IT departments or other consultants that the data task could not be performed.