There once was a time when TV advertising was simple. If we wanted to reach the American population we only had to pick ABC, NBC or CBS. Now that there are dozens of TV broadcast and Cable Networks things have become a little bit more complex. We see this change as an opportunity to more closely match our advertising to the target audience. For example when we only had three networks from which to select we would put a lot of money into advertising, reach a large audience and hope to reach our potential clients along with everyone else who was watching one of the three networks. Now we can direct our advertising dollars right to the shows that our audience is watching based upon the latest Neilson® ratings. With Cable TV we can even target the neighborhoods nearest to our client’s retail locations.

Our media buyer has a 20 year history of placing advertising for companies locally, regionally and nationally.

Ad Excellence also produces TV Commercials that get results! We create jingles and develop entire marketing concepts for any business.